Question by  Evgeni556 (63)

Is a Tummy Tub really worth it?


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

A tummy tub is not really worth your money or wasting your time. First of all it takes up space and after you use it a few times you will just go back to what is easier to begin with, a regular bath in the sink or in the bath tub.


Answer by  Simonm27 (11)

The foetal position that this product attempts to push the child into is one that they will adopt naturally without the shape of the product. Infants assume the position wherever they are placed. Also not keen on them being held by the neck!


Answer by  lgk (2426)

I personally would not use one. They may be alright for smaller children, but would be a danger to larger, and more curious kids.


Answer by  Youngmom (233)

Honestly, I used a sink. By 6 months (or whenever they can sit up) they can use the tub. They are not little for very long, any money you would spend on a special tub for the baby, take and put in the college fund.


Answer by  Sarita79 (79)

A small bath tub is a definate plus, but, it's something the baby will outgrow quickly, so it's definately not a need, and something you can live without.

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