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Question by  Gladiatrix (7)

Is a Nintendo DS still available to buy?

Or are they still made?


Answer by  Lepi (314)

Yes, you can still purchase the Nintendo DS game system. While the handheld has lost business with the release of the PSP, DS is still available at most retailers. If you want to find a good deal on them, Gamestop sells refurbished used models for a pretty low cost. The selection of games is small though.


Answer by  MrP (58)

Yes, Nintendo DS's are still available to buy. You can buy them at most video game or electronic stores like Gamestop. They are also easily available to buy at their own official website or on websites such as amazon, ebay, etc. They are also still manufactured and remain very popular within Japan and the United States.


Answer by  mmjohnson (9)

Nintendo upgrades there game consoles at least once a year. The Nintendo DS can be purchased at used store online and at some stores where games are sold. They no longer make the original Nintendo game console for local stores, but you can order them form the Nintendo manufactures by contacting them.


Answer by  Haggis96 (143)

Yes, you can still buy the Nintendo DS. Several new models are also available, such as the DS Lite and the DSi, on which you can play original DS games.

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