Question by  benchwrmr22 (20)

Is a Nationwide 401k a good idea?

I don't know whether to trust them.


Answer by  nick91 (50)

A 401k is an excellent idea if you intend to retire. However, you should always research anything you intend to invest money in. I wouldn't recommend trusting any company without checking them out thoroughly before acting.


Answer by  bluesun (96)

401k are great retirement plans that are usually provided by an employer. A nationwide 401k sounds a little sketchy, whether it would be a great idea or not would depend on how much would be contributed into the retirement plan to match how much you would contribute. If there is no additional contribution, it is not worth it.


Answer by  nathan88 (47)

If this 401k is an employee sponsored plan it is generally a good idea. Most employers will match a portion of your contribution. Granted, most are small percentage (3-10% typically) this amount is FREE money that is added to your retirement account. This will help your money grow as you continue to add to it.


Answer by  tim22 (52)

A 401k in general is a good idea, If your employer is offering a 401k that makes it better. The one thing to look for in a 401K is are their no-load mutual funds available. If so, then it's a good idea. If not it's not be a good deal.

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