Question by  LGirl (56)

Is a GE Profile washing machine a good product?

How much can you put in it?


Answer by  gauthamanm (64)

Yes, GE washing machines are really good because i have one in my home. GE is an American Multinational company so you can trust it as it will produce a lot of high quality items.


Answer by  alexjone123 (10)

No, this can be a very dangerous product. If you have one, you must be in the room at all times when it is switched on.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

A Ge Proflie washing machine is a good product. You can put in as much as you can but do not over load it. This can ruin the motor.


Answer by  adnan (4)

GE is nice product because it's reliable and with good spinning speed.I can put approximately 5 kg of laundry.It's not creating a lot of noise during operations.

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