Question by  gre6we (24)

Is a Compaq wireless mouse only good with a Compaq computer?

My friend has the mouse and I really like it but I don't have a Compaq computer.


Answer by  A84 (90)

No, it will work with any USB port on a PC. Just plug it in and let your computer find the right driver to run it. Restart.


Answer by  IAB (141)

No, it is not just good for a Compaq computer, as long as you have the appropriate drivers, it should work with any computer that has a usb port.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

No. Mice are universal, especially USB powered mice. Now certain features may have specific Compaq driver's associated with that specific computer. But other than that, if it's a basic mouse, it should be plug and play.


Answer by  DreamScaper (354)

Typically only internal components are proprietary. External components, like mice, are able to be used on many systems. It's either PS/2 or USB and just will need the proper drivers.

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