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Question by  jerome34 (12)

How well do wireless speakers work?

I saw some wireless speakers at Radio Shack but I don't want to buy them unless they work really well.


Answer by  Michiel (83)

Probably the wireless speakers work just fine. Problems you may have to solve are disturbances from your electricity-system. A wireless computernetwork can also give some problems. They're all solvable.


Answer by  smp (43)

While there are some wireless speakers available which approximate the quality of FM radio transmission, they are still second rate when compared to similarly priced wired speakers. If you are audiophile, wired speakers are still the way to go, as the sound accuracy and quality is superior.


Answer by  astroasis (102)

Simply put, wireless speakers don't work as well as wired ones. There's more chance of interference between your audio source and the speakers when you use wireless speakers. They can be useful if you have some reason to need wireless connectivity, but generally you're better off to go with a wired set of speakers for dependability and cost effectiveness.


Answer by  DGuillen74 (118)

Wireless speakers can work really well if you're able to spend the money. If you buy cheap wireless speakers, then you run the risk of weak signals which won't work.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

If the speakers utilize high quality electronics, the sound quality will be more than acceptable. Additionally, the placement of the speakers should be within issued guidelines.


Answer by  g25 (48)

Like anything, wireless speakers vary in quality. While most will do the basic job of transmitting a wireless signal, the more you pay the higher quality you will get.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

As long as you buy a quality brand they should work fine. You might want to look online for a detailed review on the set you plan on purchasing.


Answer by  jamescruz (45)

High quality wireless speakers would do a good job for you. Placement of the speakers is vital and all other things depend upon the technical specifications of the speakers.


Answer by  rixills (32)

There are some great wireless-speakers, and some not great. Stay away from products sold at radio shack because they overcharge. Buy wireless speakers from trusted companies and you'll be happy.


Answer by  kapoor (52)

wireless speakers is doing good work. we can use it atso maeany time . while working some work then we can use its so esly .

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