weight loss


Question by  Junebug (158)

What is a good diet that will utilize fruits, vegetables and lean protein?

I need an easy diet plan that can get me bathing suit ready.


Answer by  lalaland (238)

Atkins offers a healthy eating plan that will help you lose weight quickly. They have a list of foods suitable for the "induction" phase, which is the first two weeks of the diet. These will include your healthy fruits, veggies, and proteins.


Answer by  worker7162 (166)

By taking fruit every two hours you can lose weight. Mixed fruit juice twice a day or regular consumption of fibrous rich fruits like orange, lemon, berry etc can be taken as addition with your normal diet. You can see the difference sooner. All the best...


Answer by  Taylor (863)

Beans and nuts are high in lean protein. Eat those and try making a salad with grapes and vinaigrette and spinage. This should get you started.


Answer by  slender22 (8)

You want the plan laid out by Dr. Joel Fuhrman in his book "Eat to Live" (subtitled "Lose 20 Pounds or More in Six Weeks - Safely"). I tried it before I went on vacation and it worked. It also kept me feeling full and full of energy too.

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