Question by  bazjack (51)

Is a 5MP digital camera good enough for casual use?

I just want something for snapshots, family pics, etc.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Yes, a 5mp digital camera will be just fine. There are cheap cameras out there though which are anywhere from seven to 12 mp and they may not be a whole lot more expensive.


Answer by  juliep (305)

A 5MP camera should be good enough for you to use. When digital cameras first came on the scene, they were only 1 or 2MP. Just make sure you understand how your camera works.


Answer by  Andoroyd (42)

The MP size would mainly affect the photos when it comes to printing, but unless you are trying to print rather big pictures (bigger than A4) then 5MP would do just fine.


Answer by  James720 (13)

Yes, a 5MP digital camera is sufficient for everyday use and can print pictures of up to 8"x10" with little to no quality loss.


Answer by  KFreesen (97)

This seems like a low MP rating even for casual use. My personal camera is has eight mega pixels and I believe it is outdated. I would look for something around ten MP's.


Answer by  CaptureLife (82)

For the casual user 5 mega pixel is sufficient. Any family potrait can be printed off pictures taken on a five mega pixel camera. More today has to do with the photographers skill and steady hand. I would suggest looking into a camera with "stabilization" as it takes out most of the blurs that the average family sees in photos.


Answer by  exitmanifesto (29)

The MP of a camera is important than the quality of the sensor. For casual use just buy a brand like canon or nikon who make good cameras.

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