Question by  kokilavanise (9)

Does Fuji make a good digital camera?

I need a new digital camera.


Answer by  danclarkwcp (12)

Yes, Fuji has a long history of making cameras, and they have several different models of digital cameras. Some have interchangeable lens, and others do not. Some have optical viewfinders (that you look through), and others have either electronic viewfinders, or just and LCD on the back of the camera.


Answer by  TaisenHH (31)

Yes, Fuji does, it really depends on what kind of color quality you want. Canon and Nikon have better pixel and color quality in my opinion. But, I have a Fuji and it does a great job especially landscape one.


Answer by  CaptureLife (82)

Fuji makes an excellent camera for the average person. Most of their cameras are geared to the consumer market. Asuming you are a consumer this would be a good choice.


Answer by  Blondie18 (179)

Fuji does make a pretty good digital camera, they have several different models to suite just about everybody's needs. They can be pricey though.


Answer by  PaulKria (47)

Fuji has some great digital compact cameras. Also, a few good models belong to a "dslr like" category. All in all, Fuji digital cameras can be a choice for purchase.

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