Question by  wrencher32 (80)

Is a 100cc dirt bike safe for teenagers?


Answer by  seric (9)

With proper protective gear, a 100cc dirt bike can be safe. However the safety of riding any dirt bike depends on the responsibility of the rider.


Answer by  GJC7 (79)

Tough question to ask since not all teenagers are equal. 100cc is one component but the bike height and overall manuverability are better gauges of safety.


Answer by  Kiko85 (40)

A 100cc dirt bike itself is not exactly dangerous. If you ride with protective gear, you should be safe as long as you ride it smart!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Assuming that they are of the appropriate height and weight then they should have no problem riding it. Anything smaller and they may be too big to ride if the are very old. A 125 should be good to start and they can always upgrade to a large bike later.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

Safe only in the mother's lap. The human body is very fragile when hitting obstacles with speed. Your teenager should use all protective equipment available and have guidance on how to proceed.

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