Question by  worker4016 (10)

In the state of Michigan should my eight year old sit in a booster seat?

I need the specifics of the law regarding booster seats in Michigan.


Answer by  Vladimir (459)

Michigan law now requires children to remain in a booster seat until they are 8 years old OR 4'9" tall. Children over 8 years old who are under 4'9" tall are exempt for the legal requirement-- though it would still be more safe for them to utilize a booster seat.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Any child less than eight years old should use a booster seat. If they're eight or above going without a booster seat is fine, UNLESS they are under 4'9" tall. Any child under twelve should ride in the backseat when possible.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

If your child is 8 yrs old and 4'9" or over they can use a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt- this is effective 7/1/08. This information is from the Michigan State Police website. Under 4'9" requires a booster seat, even at 8 yrs old or above.


Answer by  Eric6566 (115)

No, a normal sized 8 year old should not be in a booster seat anywhere. Most cars now come with the recommendation that children under 12 remain in the back seat. An eight year old should be perfectly safe, and you should be perfectly legal in Michigan or anywhere else in the United States, with a seatbelt.

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