Question by  tamarawilhite (17883)

In a divorce, what household bills am I responsible for in a home where I do not live?

I had to get a separate apartment.


Answer by  JordanLorenz (25)

Since you live in a separate apartment, and therefore do not live in your household anymore or use any electricity or water you shouldn't have to pay anything.


Answer by  DannyBatt (75)

If you and your divorcing spouse cannot agree, the Court will Order you to pay any bills at the marital home which it believes to be fair. If you have minor children residing in the home where you do not live, and you are / were the primary breadwinner, that may be significant.


Answer by  motherknowsbest (5)

If you aren't in the home now he can't make you pay for anything. A divorce through the courts will determine who keeps the house, who pays for what,in my case I bought the house & paid him half of what was Owed on it. WhichMeans I TookOutAnotherLoanToPayHimOff.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

It all depends on your salary. Divorces are expensive in themselves, and that should be talked out with your attorneys and your ex-spouse.

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