Question by  missherrera (1)

I stepped on a centipede, now my foot has sharp pain off and on. A centipede's poisonous?

I live in Nevada.


Answer by  malone (4817)

The banded desert centipede pinches with the clawed legs located in front of its head and injects venom. The bite is painful, and will get red and swollen. It is not fatal or dangerous. Treat it like you would treat a bee or wasp sting.


Answer by  Alan67 (71)

It sounds like you've been bitten by the centipede. Centipede bites can be extremely painful, however the bites are not toxic enough to be fatal. Still, it would definately be worth your time visiting a doctor to get it checked out!


Answer by  Blyndde (51)

As far as I know, no. First are you sure it was a centipede? Also did you stomp wrong? If the pain keeps up get it looked at. '

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