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Question by  Confused (1)

If my husband should die, am I responsible for a credit card he took out before we were married?

He told me he had stopped using it but I recently discovered that the account is still open.


Answer by  malone (4817)

You are only responsible for credit cards for which are have signed a contract. Even if your husband got the card after you were married, you have no liability. If he were to die, his estate would be responsible for the debt. You have no personal liability for this debt.


Answer by  Nicole68 (20)

No, you are not responsible for any debt that was created before you were married or debt that does not have your name. This doesn't mean, however, that the debt doesn't have to be repaid. Whatever estate funds or assests your husband would leave behind would be responsible for paying his creditors first, and the spouse or relatives second.


Answer by  kn80 (69)

Unfortunately, yes. The charges are being accrued while you are married to him so it is not a premarrital debt. Most state laws will hold you responsible.


Answer by  John48912 (86)

A user of a credit card only incurs marital debt with that card if either both names are on the account or if the spouse has acknowledged the debt in some way, such as in bankruptcy proceedings.


Answer by  ruthieb (5)

As long as you did not sign anything when card was signed , or used, you are not responsible for t any charges on the bill; not withstanding, if you live in a state where laws consider shared responsibility on all bills during the marriage as being joint responsibility for both parties involved.

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