Question by  BoeZoe (136)

If my name was incorrect on the final divorce decree, how do I get it officially corrected?

My middle name was substituted for my maiden name, but it was also spelled incorrectly. An internet google search of that name shows there are others who have that name. When am I considered divorced, now or after the correction is officially recorded?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Have your lawyer follow-up. If you did not have an attorney, take the divorce papers along with your birth certificate and photo i. d. to the office of the Clerk of Courts. Ask how to proceed. It may be a simple clerical adjustment, or you may have to appear before the judge. In the meantime, you are divorced.


Answer by  kaycee (24)

If you were the one divorced, I would think that you are divorced even though your middle name was wrong. If you took back you madian name and now have the wrong one, that is your name until you have it changed. You are divorced and just need to have your name changed.

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