Question by  princesa (73)

What are the final stages of cancer like?

My husband is nearing the final stages and I want to be prepared.


Answer by  hartford (506)

In the final stages a cancer patient will grow weaker and need to sleep much of the time. Despite this weakness, they may become restless and have repetitive movements. Their interest and concentration level declines and they can appear disoriented. They may not wish to eat or drink.


Answer by  SarikOstheim (211)

Physically, wounds that do not heal, coughing up and peeing blood, fatigue, and massive weight loss. Emotionally, depression, withdrawing from friends and family, and possibly multiple mental disorders manifesting simultaneously.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Cancer is an illness of too many cells that people have. Each person will continue to handle events as they have in the past. My wife when she was diagnosed with stage four handled the situation very much in character for herself. Black and white photos can be tinted later to help you remember him through the eyes of love.


Answer by  aravind123 (27)

In the final stage of cancer,the body slowly down or reduces its functions.The dying person will feel weak.Sleepiness and changes in breath.There is a Difficulty in walking and swallowing and not wanting to eat or drink.Confusion and feel pain.Some parts of body such as feet,hands,arms,legs are become cold.Finally complete Loss of consciousness.


Answer by  Bubba49 (177)

It is impossible to be specific with this question because so many variable exist. In general, last stages of cancer are manifest by a slow ebb of the life force and pain control, while often neglected, is paramount.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

Usually the patient is in alot of pain as the cancer spreads and progresses. If the brain is involved the patient may become confused, combative, doesn't recognize family members and may have seizures.


Answer by  destinyisntfree (242)

This will vary significantly depending on the form of cancer, and what organ or body part is affected. Generally speaking, in many cases, there can be severe symptoms, and it can be a painful process. In the case of medical situations, it is always best to contact your physician and ask them detailed questions about what to expect.

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