Question by  tkoelzer (59)

If my maternal grandfather was bald, will I become bald?

My maternal grandfather was bald at an early age so is that hereditary?


Answer by  rosen (218)

There are lots of chances to go bald as your maternal grandfather has the baldness. As per medical science, it has been said that baldness genes comes from mother side.


Answer by  Thecause137 (6)

Baldness comes from the X chromosome. As a male, you get your X from your mother, whom carries two X chromosomes. If her mother's side of the family doesn't exhibit the trait, there's a chance you received that X chromosome and will not be bald.


Answer by  arkadeb313 (67)

There is no certainty that if your maternal grandfather was bald you would also be bald. It depends upon the combination of genes responsible for your hairs and also on the quality of care you take of your hairs.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

You do get baldness from your mother. Thus your chances of becoming bald are very high. I learned this is my human growth and development class.


Answer by  John (9008)

It might or might not be. There is no way to tell, as baldness can have many causes. Moreover, you might not have inherited the gene that causes baldness; after all, your other grandfather was not bald.


Answer by  Anonymous

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