Question by  sauvblanc (96)

Should I try Google Chrome?

Am I really going to make the switch from FireFox?


Answer by  penrose (235)

Honestly, Google Chrome is pretty amazing for such a new browser. It is very minimalistic which is nice, but most importantly it is super fast. also, it rarely crashes. the biggest downside is that it doesn't accommodate extensions, but i predict that this functionality will be coming very soon.


Answer by  peppepe (13)

I say you wait a while. Chrome might be good with time but really, it's early to tell. It might be small and fast, but if that's what you want use opera for now. Also there was that huge privacy breach though google made a change now, i still wouldn't trust it.


Answer by  smooth (37)

I don't think I'll switch to Chrome from Firefox. I think down the road I may give Chrome a whirl, but Chrome is not mature enough for me to try. I'll let the masses use it and kick the tires for a while before trying it out. I'm in no rush.


Answer by  kaetien (47)

Why not try it? If you don't fancy it, you can always switch back later. Conversely, they are continually improving Google Chrome so mayhap you should consider switching to it in a few months or so. There is nothing wrong with trying something you could potentially like much more.

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