Question by  debi (19)

What is the value of a King Arthur grandfather clock?

I was recently given a new King Arthur grandfather clock, I would like to know the value of it for insurance purposes.


Answer by  Brendawith (464)

The insurance company will request documentation on the value of the King Arthur grandfather clock. Consult with a reputable antique dealer or someone that deals with the sale of clocks and ask for an appraisal. Normally there is a charge for an appraisal, but the information will be necessary for the insurance company to insure the clock's actual value.


Answer by  patti (29325)

If you want to add insurance for the clock, you must have a professional appraisal and get the estimated value in writing. Should you have a claim in the future, you must have documentation.


Answer by  Anonymous

max value $800. small obscure company. sold today on craig's list $250

posted by Anonymous
Ridiculous evaluation with so little data on the clock. Many things affect the value of the clock. A 9 tube clock in good running condition will easliy run more than $800.  add a comment

Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Your best bet will be to either take it to an appraiser and get an official valuation, or see if you can find a similar product online and use that price. With just a quick look, i found them available for $800 to $1000. Without knowing more about your specific clock, i can't give you a better estimate.

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