Question by  Bubbles (16)

If my dog is always thirsty could that be a symptom that something is going on with him?

My dog seems to always be very thirsty and I am concerned that something could be going on.


Answer by  chickira (67)

If the dog is constantly lapping water all the time, it could be a nervous habit, as licking releases pheromones for dogs. It could also be diabetes.


Answer by  wigglewasp (781)

Thirsty dogs are a normal thing. Just like some humans that like to drink a lot of water, the same goes for animals. But if you are concerned you can take him to the vet.


Answer by  thrishulrulz (150)

It's a good thing if the dog drinks a lot of water,it keeps the dog's stomach and kidney clean,ang it will help the dog digest its food properly,but if its suddenly started drinking lot of water then it's advised to get it checked by a veternary doctor once for safety.


Answer by  alliemart (29)

If your dog does a lot of exercise, this may be normal. If your dog is indoors and doesn't do exercise or gets sick from all the water,see a vet.

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