Question by  pedro (142)

What are the symptoms of sick dogs?

I never know whether my dogs are sick or just lazy.


Answer by  piya (79)

If your dog is not eating on time and if is doing some different noises instead of normal barking like auuu!! auuu!! that indicates your dog is sick and might be feeling pain somewhere in his/her body. Try to see while he/she poops if it's normal. If it's watery, black then he/she can be sick.


Answer by  pansy (421)

the syptoms of a sick dog can be a dry nose, white tongue. Coughing up stuff, fever any thing that can happen to us although a dog years is older than us


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

There are many symptoms for different things in dogs. If your dog is usually active and recently became lethargic, then he is ill. If he has always been that way, then that is just his personality. Though if notice something like vomiting, difficulty walking, etc. Take them to the vet.


Answer by  alli007 (74)

Common symptoms of sick, not just lazy dogs, can range anywhere from fever, change in eating patterns, vomiting, diarhea, and changes in temperment. Often a sick dog will not want to be touched or bothered with. Sneezing can suggest an upper respiratory infection as vomiting would almost certainly suggest an digestive upset.


Answer by  kfwyatt (138)

A sick dog will most likely be withdrawn, or even irritable. Loss of appetite is also a symptom of an illness. Weight loss, a dull coat, and pale gums are also signs a dog is ill.


Answer by  PonchosMom (28)

If you have had your dog for a while you will know the difference between normal behavior and sick behavior. If your normally energetic dog wants to sleep all of the time, this is a symptom of Lyme Disease and your dog should be brought to your local vet ASAP.

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