Question by  chuck (8)

If my arm goes numb, is it from a possible insect bite during sleep?


Answer by  Jas (33)

It's possible that you are sleeping on your arm and you cut off blood circulation to your arm. Your blood circulates in a circular pattern and if the blood is cut off for a certain period of time pain can result. Try changing position when you have that feeling and move your arm around to promote recirculation.


Answer by  kmac (235)

Unless you can see a bite mark I'd say probably not. It is most likely from falling asleep on it and cutting off the circulation. If the numbness goes away after you start moving around, especially with some major tingling, that is the cause.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

If you have noted the biting mark then it may be.But the main rason may be that your arms,kept in a same position for a long time,due to a problem in blood circulation may go numb.Do some massage to set right the arm.Get well soon!


Answer by  HistoryChick (78)

While it is possible that your arm is numb from an insect bite, a more likely cause of the numbness could be that you "slept wrong". Perhaps you had your arm under your side and it essentially pinched a nerve which caused the numbness in your arm. You might want to try massaging your neck and shoulder area.

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