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Question by  Bob12 (20)

What can cause hand and arm numbness?

My hands and arms are going numb from time to time.


Answer by  maber (1427)

This is a symptom of poor circulation disorder. You should go see a doctor so they can check to see if this is the problem.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

You may have a nerve problem or it could be from a back injury. See a doctor. It could also be circulation problems.


Answer by  EarlOfSandwich (177)

One of the most common causes of numbness in the hands or arms is poor circulation. If this occurs frequently it could be a symptom of more serious problems.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

Hand and arm numbness, or any kind of numbness can be a result of a pinched nerve. There are tests that can be done by your doctor.

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