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Question by  bandit (20)

If I am five days late for my period would a pregnancy test be accurate?

I am five days late and want to take a test, yet I am unsure if it is too soon.


Answer by  John (9008)

Most modern pregnancy tests will work once you have missed your period. Some can even work before a missed period. The tests do vary, however, and it is important that you read the labels to make sure. The vast majority of them, however, will be reasonably accurate five days after a missed period.


Answer by  missypoo98 (96)

most likely yes just be sure to buy a good one meaning not one from the dollar store it comes back better if you do the test in the morning and don't leave it on the sink to long it will show a false positive if you do


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Yes it would be. In fact there are many new test on the market that you can take as early as five days before the start of your period and achieve an accurate result.


Answer by  Samantha57 (391)

It is not too soon; several home pregnancy tests claim to be sensitive enough to detect HCG in urine up to two to three days before a period is due.


Answer by  tia (20)

Menstruation is after 14 days from ovulation and the period of implantation can occure betwen 6-12 days after ovulation. The test must be taken after 19 days from the act. If these days have past from the act it is sure to make a test. If not, it's suggested to wait to be sure.

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