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Question by  mjjaegly (211)

What could be going on if my menstrual period is late but a pregnancy test is negative?

I am three weeks late but I got a negative pregnancy test.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

It could be a natural thing that your period is late, if you're still under your 20's you can still be adjusting to a natural cycle. It also may be stress or other emotional factors. It also could be that your pregnancy test was inaccurate, and you may actually be pregnant.


Answer by  winkler294896 (45)

if your menstrual period is late, it could be because of many things. first of all, you could be stressed, or have an illness. in other cases, a change in schedule or being over or underweight could cause a missed period. in some cases, a change in medication could cause it.


Answer by  Tejal (36)

Make sure that you've taken the test properly Medical conditions like thyroid problems or if you are overweight or underweight. Stress has known to cause changes in the periods.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

There are many things that can result in a late period, including stress, sickness and even major changes in your life.

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