Question by  cindystoufflet (24)

How should I manage using a home pregnancy test at the airport?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Find a restroom that is away from the busiest part of the airport. Read the directions for the test before you are in the airport if possible. That way you will not waste time figuring out what to do. Try to go to the restroom at an odd time.


Answer by  Tea (97)

Go into the bathroom before or after your flight, do what you need to do, and wait in the stall for the required few minutes. Get your results, and then throw out the pregnancy test. Good luck!


Answer by  Teresa (24)

You can use a home pregnancy test simply by doing it the same way you would at home. Get into the airport bathroom stall, urinate on the test as instructed and wait for the test results in the stall.


Answer by  gummie (738)

Once you enter an individual stall in the airport restroom, you will have just as much privacy as your own bathroom. Follow the instructions on the home pregnancy test kit just as you would at home. When the results are finalized, securely wrap the used parts and discard.

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