Question by  whitershadeofpale (25)

How can I fight a speeding ticket and win?


Answer by  avalanchebad (164)

If you take choose to contest your speeding ticket, the issuing officer won't even show up to court half of the time. They usually have bigger fish to fry than that. I had a college professor that used this method, and it worked in getting him out of a ticket.


Answer by  anya (16)

If you are caught speeding and no mechanical or technical error is to blame, your best bet would be to argue the clarity of the speed limit sign. Brush obstruction or a missing sign will get you off if you can prove it. A legitimate reason like a medical emergency can also be successful depending on the judge or officer.


Answer by  hotrodmagoo (54)

The best thing to do is to plead not guilty and hope the officer doesn't show up to court. If they don't then the ticket cannot be substantiated and it will be dismissed. Also, if any information is wrong (date, name/address) you might be able to get it dismissed.


Answer by  lulu51 (25)

All you have to do is sit back and wait. You will start getting more postcards and letters from attorneys that fight tickets then you can handle. Call them all up and hire the cheapest one! They basically all do the same thing with the same results. I know from first hand experience!


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

If you had a good reason for why you were going faster than the marked limit (such as a family emergency) then generally the courts will go easier on you. Always be polite with the judge and any officers and explain you are sorry for what happened and you've learned its wreckless and won't do it again.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Sure, you can, but by the time you get representation, go to court, you and your rep. fight the case, it probably cost you just as much as the ticket. Think real hard, did a really speed. You will only be fighting for a mark on your drivers license and your pride. Do some soul searching.

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