Question by  goodmommie (204)

If a car hits a deer on privately owned property, who is liable for the car repairs?


Answer by  kperegrine (102)

The owner of the car is liable for the car repairs. The owner of the property is not responsible for the movements of a wild animal, even if it is on their property. The driver should have been watching for wild animal movement.


Answer by  Tammy (585)

Location has very little do with the damages in this instance. Given that most deer aren't carrying liability insurance, and if it had been an accident between two vehicles, it would be settled by the vehicle owners not the property owners. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

If the owner has a "No Trespassing - Private Property/Road" sign posted on the roadway leading to the location of the accident liability would rest with the driver. If no signage is posted then the owner of the property is liable.


Answer by  Tracy74 (229)

Most liability under house insurance does not cover anytype of car accident but you really should check with a lawyer. The person who owns the home might be liable if he did not have slow deer signs.

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