Question by  aj20 (29)

I was kicked by a horse - do I put heat or ice on the injury?

The horse kicked me in the leg and it hurts.


Answer by  basil (311)

Being kicked by a horse will cause inflammation (swelling) and bruising. Put a bag of ice on the area, or a bag of frozen peas, for fifteen to thirty minutes. Wrap the bag of ice in a thin dish or hand towel.


Answer by  MrsShannonHarrell (768)

General rule for injuries is ice for 10 minutes at a time for the first 24 hours, heat after that. Soaking in a hot bath, or using a hot tub helps reduce pain. Taking an anti-inflammatory will also help reduce pain and swelling. If pain persists, consult a Doctor for an x-ray to make sure nothing is broken.


Answer by  Jen78 (22)

With these kinds of injures, it is important to treat the injured area immediately with cold therapy. It is best to use an ice pack or a bag of ice, but if these are not available, you may also use a bag of frozen peas. The use of cold will help swelling and some pain.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You could put ice on the injury if it hurts bad enough. Just stay off it for a while. If you think your leg is broken or fractured you should go to a doctor.


Answer by  jems (194)

Ice will help reduce any swelling and relieve some of the pain and limit bruising. Apply ice for 20 minutes, take a break and apply again. Pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are also helpful.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

First of all contact your physician. And depends where you are kicked at. Using both ice and heat should help with a minor injury. Alternate the both back and forth every 20 minutes would be approporiate.

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