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Question by  Onedude (19)

How should I treat a swollen bruised leg that was cause by being kicked by a horse?


Answer by  Natalie (30)

Keep elevated and place a ice pack on it for 10 minute intervals. If pain still exists then go see a doctor it maybe bruised. Horses kick hard so I have a feeling it might need a doctors attention.


Answer by  Ginsing (38)

First you should go to a doctor to get an x-ray, just to make sure your leg's not broken. The doctor can give you better instructions, but they'll probably tell you to ice it, take some Advil, stay off it, and keep it above your heart.


Answer by  Impulsion (21)

Run cool water on teh leg to start. Then, use a poultice, cover it with damp brown paper, and wrap with plastic wrap. Wrap teh leg in a standing wrap, and bandage. BE sure not to wrap too tight, and change at least once a day.


Answer by  Gillian (27)

There isn't much you can do to treat a bruise. If he is lame on the leg keep him on stall rest for a day or two. It is important to reduce swelling though, so cold hose the leg for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day.

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