Question by  famousde (3)

I think that I am dying should I inform my parents of my condition?

I might be dying. Should i tell my parents or spare them the worry?


Answer by  Anonymous

Have YOU decided you're dying, or has a doctor told you (or hopefully, several - because if someone told me I was dying, I'd get at LEAST a second opinion)? You should probably have your family and the doctor meet, so they know what to expect/how to provide care.


Answer by  oldmom (716)

I would tell the parents that you are seriously ill. Unless your condition is definitely terminal, I would not mention that unless or until it is necessary.

Reply by lanolin (14):
How could you be so sick and not tell your parents? I could never hide it from mine! Aside from the worry, wouldn\'t they want to know so that they could spend as much time with you as possible?  add a comment

Answer by  jmansfie (282)

In this situation you should further investigate whatever is ailing you to the extent that you easily can. If it's something that you needn't worry about, then I wouldn't worry them with it. If something is bothering you though, you should feel comfortable telling your parents about it regardless.

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