Question by  Lyli (21)

Is it safe to mix barley water with baby formula?

I want to mix barley water with baby formula.


Answer by  BethHall (256)

When given to babies, barley water helps with the digestion of milk, preventing the development of curds within the stomach. Many baby cereals are made with barley.


Answer by  a28 (212)

no, don't experiment early because your baby is still don't have stable immune system, this may lead to infection of imbalance


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

I would personally recommend that you use regular water for your baby's formula. You can mix barley with the formula to make a meal. Barley is sold by Gerber and that is a reccomended name brand that is sold in most all stores. Mixing the formula with barley water may take away the nutrients.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think its safe if used as therapeutic nutrition (limited time) for babies with certain problems e.g fever,diarrhea,constipation,cough to support the liver especially if the baby receive antipyretics(most of them are hepatotoxic) and enhance the immune system, and this mix is working very effectively


Answer by  Kriket (1029)

No. Do not mix anything with your formula. Especially if your child is under a year old. Mixing things in the bottle could cause choking. Or your baby may be allergic to barley. Breast milk, or formula ONLY for at least 6 months. After 6 months introduce barley cereal if the baby is ready.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I don't know what barley water is, but I wouldn't think of giving him anything at that young age without talking to the baby doctor first. I would not listen to anyone else but him.


Answer by  chandrasviewgmailcom (59)

It is not safe to mix berley water with babies formula because it is verry hard grain. it is widely used as food in the malt liquors. only use boild water or milk with babies formula

posted by Anonymous
barley water has no grains in it. Barley water is the water in which washed barley has been cooked, then strained.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Some people don't understand what barley water is. It is only the water in which barley has been cooked, 1 TBSP barley and 2 cups water, boiled then cooked til barley is soft. Water is strained- no grains in it. It is actually a popular drink in many countries.


Answer by  Anonymous

not a problem i use it for my son and he sleeps longer,breast milk alone these days does nothing for babies i mean in fulling there little bellies.

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