Question by  patti (29325)

What kind of fish should I get to mix with silver dollar fish?

I really like my silver dollar fish but I need some other fish too.


Answer by  BlindMag (161)

Any peaceful community fish should do well in your tank. Make sure that you keep the number of fish at a good ratio with the size of your tank.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

Silver dollar fish are herbivorous, meaning they eat plants, so they're fine with other herbivorous fish or, for that matter, any fish that isn't big enough to eat them.


Answer by  bash (1026)

According to my personal openion, golden fish can be mixed with silver dollar fish. Gold fish normally donot attack oher fishes but it needs special care over other fishes.


Answer by  bris (82)

Silver Dollars are herbivores and not meat eaters. Your other fish should be fine. Loach, rams, catfish ,oscar cichlid, bala shark,white angels can be put.


Answer by  Ganesan (53)

we may add the cubbies , cold fish in the silver dollar fish tank. these type of fishes are grown as groubs larger than three. It may grows upto 4 diameter.


Answer by  coral (54)

Silver dollar fish tend to be peaceful around other fish species. Angel fish that are about the same size as yours are recommended. Pictus catfish is another option.

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