Question by  mommy73 (13)

Is it true that matter cannot be created or destroyed?

I have heard that matter can not be created or destroyed.


Answer by  JenniferGwennifer (40)

It is true that matter cannot be created or destroyed. This is because the matter is converted into a different form of energy that stays within the known universe. For instance, if something explodes, the physical matter of the object has been converted into heat, sound, light and particles that may have taken on a different composition.


Answer by  Aspasia (14)

yes, this is true according to the law of conservation of matter and of course the First Law of Thermodynamics. It can not be created or destroyed, only changed. The world always has the same amount of matter or energy, but the energy can be changed, moved, controlled, stored, or dissipated.


Answer by  pants (48)

Yes it is true. Matter can be compressed, decompressed, bound, unbound, ect. In the end it is still the same mass and composition as before it was altered.

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