Question by  moose239 (20)

How to strengthen weak ankles?

My ankles are very week from previous injuries, I would like ideas on what to do to gain strength in them.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

One of the best ankle strengthening exercises can be done at home, while watching TV or even reading. Simply stand near a support that is waist high, such as a chair, and go from standing on the flat of your foot to raised up on your toes. Hold for a count of four, then go back down. Repeat.


Answer by  Teenmom (298)

A great exercise for strenghthening weak ankles is to stand on one foot and then close your eyes. When your eyes are closed it is harder to balance, and all of the small muscles in your ankle are required in order to keep your balance. This will exercise your whole ankle, thereby strenghthening it.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

Point and flex your feet to strengthen the muscles from your foot up your ankles and to your calves. You can also purchase some resistance exercise bands to help build your ankle and foot strength. Perform the exercises a few times a day and your ankles will be stronger and in better shape.

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