Question by  Irishvet (16)

How to replace bearing in a rear wheel of a 21 speed bicycle?

I need to replace the bearing in my rear wheel 21 speed bicycle.


Answer by  carguy (46)

First locate the mater link in the chain. This link can be removed by sliding the lock device off the pins. Remove the chain and unbolt the rear wheel, unscrew the axle housing to gain access to the bearing, replace and reassemble.

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There is a little more to replacing the bearings with a rear sproket and hub, not a simple as showen here,  add a comment

Answer by  jsteiny03 (346)

Remove rear wheel. Disassemble rear wheel axle. You will find a metal ring with little metal balls in it, that is your rear bearings. Take out bearings and replace with new well lubricated bearings.

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