Question by  Zeenia (53)

How to make an ex-boyfriend jealous when he clams he has moved on?

I would like to make my ex jealous, he says he has moved on but I do not believe him.


Answer by  JoeDoe (112)

You might get him jealous if you'd manage to get over your issues.


Answer by  John (9008)

You need to face the strong likelihood that you can no longer affect him. If he has moved on, trying to make him jealous will drive him farther away. If you insist, however, go ahead and be with other men in front of him; just don't get your hopes up.


Answer by  Mufflerman (42)

The best way to make him jealous is make him miss what he doesn't anylonger have. You could go about doing this many ways. Some ways are unorthidox, but one way you could do it is by meeting him somewhere on "accident" and talk to him about your new boyfriend.

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