Question by  Diya82 (4)

How do you make blue crab traps?

I just moved to Maryland and want to take my kids crab fishing.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Well the best thing to do is go and purchase a new trap from a local business. Building a trap is not worth the time or money that would be required to make the trap correctly. If you decide to build, make sure to abide by local regulations; as they are set to manage your area fishery properly.


Answer by  toadie (25)

You can make a wooden frame with ramps that the crab will climb up and into, and fall over. Use a wooden frame and wire mesh with a weight to keep it down. The width of the entrance should be just a bit bigger than the crabs width from top to bottom. Bait it with fish.


Answer by  Brit7any (115)

You will need 20' of crabpot wire, 12' galvanized 11-gauge smooth wire, 2' galvanized eelpot wire 1/4# standard galvanized crabpot staples One small zinc anode 6" bungecord Cull rings and plastic hook. You will also need wire cutters.Form the wire into a circle and then use the smaller mesh to line the inside of the circle.


Answer by  grins (9)

Obtain spool of string along with bait.(Chicken necks ) Tie chicken neck to string and deposit in water. Slowly bring in string and use pole net to come under bait.

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