Question by  elizabethsarines (12)

How to know if your blocked by someone else on MSN?

I think that some of my friends blocked me on MSN and do not know why?


Answer by  thorsdecree (409)

MSN does not tell you if you are blocked - that's the purpose of being blocked. If you're blocked, your friends will never appear online if they blocked you.


Answer by  Apk07 (31)

An easy way would be to make an alternative MSN account, and then try adding them/seeing if they're online. If they are, but aren't on your original account, they have blocked you.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Unforetunatly there is no real (or legal way to access their settings. Try asking them if you are blocked. They might have done it accidentally.


Answer by  CaylasCreations (214)

I can't tell you why your friend would have blocked you, but the easiest way to find out would be to create a new screen name (they are all free) and add him/her.

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