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Question by  RLozano (213)

How to get quick release tire off?

I need to get a quick release tire off.


Answer by  reimotorsports (103)

Spray around the tire with soapy water. With an extra person, use two pry bars on opposite sides of the deflated tire. Then work your way around the inside of the tire until removed.


Answer by  jspratley (74)

The way that you get a quick release tire off is lift the lever and then turn the nut that is on the back side and that should loosen the quick release enough to get the tire off.


Answer by  Sairabanu (27)

To UN-screw the quick release use the lever like the handle of a wrench. It also makes it harder to get your wheel off. If possible,get off the road,clearing the way for other cyclist to Pull back on the wheel to lodge it in the dropouts and tighten the quick release


Answer by  Patty (195)

The best way to get a quick release tire off would be to deflate it and then proceed in the normal way of removing it.

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