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Question by  LC (25)

What information can you provide me on canceling a contract for a car and the release of deposit form?

I would like to cancel a contract I made to purchase a car two days ago, the dealership is giving me a hard time and saying something about needing a release of deposit form.


Answer by  shane11 (74)

Get a lawyer and pay him. The lawyer willgive you legal advice about the situation and tell you the legal procedure in dealing with this. You can go to dealership and tell him that you need to settle an issue with him. The dealer and you may be able to wrk out some sort of deal on the issue.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

There are a lot of firms which are ready to help consumers like you. You can also hire an advocate. They are the experts in this field.


Answer by  BojanAndonovski (48)

Thanks for visiting ! For over 25 years, UCAN has been protecting, educating, and advocating for consumers through a small staff of dedicated consumer advocates. Our services are available because of grassroots donations from people like you. Please help us continue our work with a donation of any amount on our secure donation page.


Answer by  ruxygirl (20)

It depends on your contract. Also,different states have different laws. It matters if you took physical delivery of the car and if the deal was contingent on financing.

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