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Question by  kaarthik (35)

How to fix an xbox that turns on and off and then does not ever turn on again?

My xbox is not working right.


Answer by  Jacob47 (295)

the mother board can be extremely hot (in old model) causing the red ring. there isn't a permanently solution,you can open it and apply some thermoconductive paste on the chip


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

Be sure and check your power cable first and foremost as it could be as simple a solution as a replacement. After that there could be a serious issue with your wiring inside the system that you may have to look at. That will require opening the system and doing some soldering.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Ship it to Xbox support and inform them of the problem. Or, find a company that fixes game consoles. Though if you are still under warranty, go with Xbox support.


Answer by  randylearner (31)

Ok, it sounds as though you may have a problem with your X box 360 power supply. First of all make sure all of the leads are attatched properly. Now turn on the power and if it still does not work then you need a new power supply for your xbox 360 so contact microsoft customer services.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

This has actually been a common problem in Xbox, in particular, Xbox 360. There is no way to fix this yourself, and sometimes cheaper to get a new console.


Answer by  falmc (62)

Chances are its an issue with over heating and the xbox is protecting itself. Give it time to cool down and try again.

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