Question by  bpan (23)

How to find what wire is hot in an old house?

I need to determine hot wires in an older home.


Answer by  deli (32)

With a multi tester you can buy a inexpesive tester that will light up on your live wire,or simply look to see black,or red.


Answer by  lftmx3 (39)

Use a multimeter set to measure AC voltage. Stick the red probe in an outlet and touch the black probe to a ground connection. If you see @110v, hot wire.


Answer by  TheGoose (14)

You need to use a voltmeter on the alternating current setting (usually a V with a wavy line above it). Place one probe on a known ground, such as the neutral bus and place the other probe on the wire being tested. If the meter reads 120v you know it is a hot wire.

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