Question by  Douten (18)

How tall are gymnasts?


Answer by  Ashli (251)

There is no "required" height for gymansts. However, teams prefer to select gymnasts that are very short in stature. This is because the shorter they are, the more compact they can make their movements on everything from the bars to the pommel horse to the floor mat.


Answer by  Bob3782 (161)

Most gymnasts are fairly short. Shortness is an advantage in gymnastics because your body weighs less so it requires less arm strength to flip around and because there is a space restriction in the uneven bars that taller gymnasts have to bend in strange ways to clear.


Answer by  Anonymous

Some Gymnastics are Short I Take Gymnastics and Im Tall I'm 12 and Im 5'2 Somebody who was in my Compentiton was Tall Any Height Can do Gymnastics

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