Question by  vasu (10)

What is a good gymnast diet?

I want my daughter the gymnast to eat healthy and smart.


Answer by  SofiaY (82)

Carbohydrates are very important but proteins and some fats are even more important for gym sports. The best are eggs, all sorts of meat and cheese, lots of vegetables and some peanuts.


Answer by  Solomon (91)

A vegetarian or pescatarian diet would be healthy, the important thing to keep in mind is that red meats and food s rich in trans and saturated fats stay with you for a long time. Don't get hung up on calories because it depends on how well you can digest anyway.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

as you know gymnasts need to stay in shape and stay thin, but you must make sure they are still eating. have her eat lots of fruits and veggies and avoid carbs. they supply energy but add fat. take vitamins.


Answer by  Maryfg1017 (20)

The proper diet needed would be high in carbohydrates (more than 50%), protein (at less 12%) and low in fat (less than 25%). A good diet is essential to performance, fatigue or injury. The best advice would be to contact a nutritionist for an individual evaluation.

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