Question by  pipergirl (5)

How should I use allspice?


Answer by  GreenTema (223)

Allspice is great in island style cooking, including but not limited to Caribbean food. Most jerk recipes like jerked chicken, jerked pork, jerked beer, and jerked shrimp call for allspice and usually a sauce. Allspice also goes good in sausages, it can cover up the taste of tainted meat well.


Answer by  Heloise (397)

Allspice will give a rich, almost "Christmassy" taste to things, so can be used in casseroles, stews and curries, to improve depth of flavour, and also in sweet dishes, such as Christmas pudding, fruitcake, or rice puddings. It also works well in mulled wine. A little goes a long way, so try just a pinch at first.


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

Allspice works well in most dishes where you might also consider using cinnamon or cloves, like devilled eggs, chicken or turkey, gingerbread, spice cakes, or pumpkin dishes. It does not generally go well with fish, but may be used in glazes for ham or roasts, or in sausages. It can be used in sweet sauces for pasta or grain dishes.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Allspice is a spice and is mainly used in baking. I make applesauce and use allspice instead of cinnamon. India and Asian use allspice in some of their meat dishes. This is a spice that has a acquired taste, so don't over due it. Try a little at a time until you reach what you like.

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