Question by  Jenna05 (3)

How should I read the number "1700's"?


Answer by  techie (18)

You can either read it "One Thousand Seven Hundreds" or you can read it as "Seventeen Hundreds". I think that Seventeen Hundreds sounds better, especially when talking about the century. However you could also read it as "One Thousand and Seven Hundreds", it all just depends on the way you use it in conversation

Reply by Jenna05 (3):
Thanks a lot. The original question was: "They traded by sea in the 1700"s. a.seventyhundreds hundreds c.seventeen hundreds d.seventeens"
So I guess the apostrophe shouldn't be used here. And to be honest I would use answer "D". Eh ;)  add a comment

Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

You should not use an apostrophe with dates, so it may be a mistake. If this refers to an address or the exact year of 1700 (not the century), it may be a possessive, but only if it possesses something (i.e., "the 1700's bend in the road").

Reply by Jenna05 (3):
Thank you very much.  add a comment
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