Question by  Brandon96 (19)

How do I troubleshoot my cd charger if it says no cd while it has a cd in it?

My cd player in my F150 is not reading cd's while there is one in there.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Unplug your charger,pull the cd out and clean it. Use a dry paper towel or a soft dry cloth. Replace the cd and plug in the charger. If it continues to not read, switch to battery power (if possible). Usually, this will solve the problem, but if it continues to not read your cd's, then call a specialist.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Usually, that is the fault of the CD, particularly if it is scratched. If you have tried a brand new CD that you unwrapped for the first time and got the same result, then the laser needs to be replace. However, it would be cheaper to buy a new one.


Answer by  oddflash (902)

This usually means that your player needs cleaning or that the laser needs to be realigned. It could also be that you are trying to play a cd that has a format that your player doesn't recognize such as mp3. Make sure that your player can read the format type. Use a CD cleaner. Laser realignment is the next step.


Answer by  wQQdy (121)

Wow, somebody stole mine. It's fried. The clearance between the disk and the head is a thousand times smaller than a piece of hair. Throw in lots of heat, road vibrations and you get a real mess. You can pull it out, take it apart, clean it, and it still may not work.


Answer by  Sockless (528)

Use a can of pressurized air to blow out the player to make sure dust isn't causing the problem. Also try disconnecting and reconnecting power to the player.


Answer by  mtrouble1 (10)

Eject all of the cds. Try only playing the radio with one cd at a time then add another for weight and balance in an opposite slot ex: 2 & 4. If this works keep the cds in the 3 center slots; just don't put any in the ends.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

Crazy my F250 did the same thing and I had to replace the whole unit because the laser inside was broken. Once it has been damaged the whole cd player is shot. Ford must have problems with the cd units in their trucks because I know others too that have had the same problem.

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