Question by  ramchand (34)

Do you think I can trust the gas dryer reviews I read?

I have never read reviews before.


Answer by  ZZTrip (107)

Most likely most of the reviews you will read about any product are legit. Dont buy into any review that is one sided or completely opinionated. The best reviews include pro's and con's.


Answer by  Ben80 (288)

Weather or not you can trust a review on anything you read is if you are on a site that has a good reputation. Also, I always find it helpful to look at reviews from several places.


Answer by  cfroses (5)

Yes, I would think you would be able to trust them. Reviews are generally done by people who have tried out the product. I would not go for any that were overally positive or overally negative. But I would keep them in mind.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

Some you can trust while others are a little shady. When reading gas dryer reviews, you want to make sure that the reviewer gives a fair and accurate representation of the product and not express a certain bias. Watch out for reviews that have an angry slant because they're probably writing the review in a subjective way.

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