Question by  Prashanth (35)

How should I manage discipline for two year old twins?


Answer by  Keith (130)

You need to use the time out and the naughty seat alot. Don't give in. If one or both act up, take them one by one to the naughty seat and make them stay there for a few minutes. Eventually they will catch on and obey you. Good luck!


Answer by  suzyq16 (47)

At the young age of two, twins may not understand verbal reasoning. You can explain to them what they did wrong, but a simple explanation as to why they should not act that way may be necessary. If only one twin was in the wrong, that twin should be the only one punished. Fairness is key to avoid jealousy.


Answer by  abiramimurali (34)

Children are best Followers so you and your surrounding must teach them Discipline,Obedience and Honest.Be the Best Parent and allow to live in their world.You just be in their point of view and act yourself what you want them to follow.Practice them their work in punctual time this will develop discipline for them.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

have a time out spot for each twin. They should each know their own spot. If they misbehave they should be sent to the timeout spot for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, they come out and apologize. Give them a big hug and move on. Discipline each according to the behavior.

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